Seaside Quilt


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Susan and I are now referring to this as the “baby quilt from hell.”  It gave us numerous headaches throughout the week, and we had to reconfigure the corner triangles again on Friday. The grids never lined up as they were supposed to. And the sashing didn’t turn out as I expected… I think it would look better if they were 1/4 inch thinner. It’s finally done, though, and overall, it is a pretty darn cute quilt!

* My apologies for the poor photo quality.  Dark house + rainy weather = fuzzy pic.  I hope to get a better pic when we get it back from the quilter.




Collaborative Quilting


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I have a new quilting buddy… no one else but my very dear friend Susan, with whom I worked for many years before we both retired last year.

I have sewn all of my life and when Susan retired, she asked me if I would help her learn to quilt.  Since the spring, she has made three projects, each with increasing complexity.  We have worked together so that I could “guide” her.  I promise that guiding does not equate to bossing.

Susan’s daughter-in-law asked her recently if she would make a baby quilt for a good friend and Susan jumped on the idea so we could work together again. I was happy to join her as we have had such fun working together. We both like new challenges and she is extremely accurate in her sewing… maybe even more so than me.

Katy, her daughter-in-law, sent us a picture of the quilt she wanted us to make.  It looked interesting, even though the picture she found only showed the bottom right eighth of the quilt. This certainly was to be a challenge for us. I imagine it was probably a full or queen quilt and we wanted a quilt about 45″ square.

Katy also choose this Riley Blake fat quarter pack that I bought at this spring’s sample spree.  It’s perfect for a Florida beach babe, don’t you think?

Ever so grateful that Susan and I are both mathematically oriented as trying to figure out the size of the quilt squares was pretty difficult.  We knew we needed 2025 square inches of fabric to make up the quilt.

Susan figured out how many square inches of sashing would be included within that 2025 sq. inches, and exactly how many square inches made up the areas outside of the sashing. After subtracting these two numbers from the 2025 sq. inches, we had to calculate was the size of the squares within the sashing. It became a process of elimination. Initially we tried to figure what would happen if we created 16 nine-inch squares and tried different numbers until we ended up with the goal of 16 7-3/8″ squares. Inside each of those squares was 16 triangles.

It all worked well until we got to the area outside of the sashing. In the original photo of the quilt, we could see that the triangles on the outer edges of the quilt appeared to be different sizes. and now, we understand why… they are. We have to make two of the triangles in the quilt larger than the the other triangles on the sides. It took us about an hour to figure out the fix today. Our heads almost hurt with all the thinking we had to do. We found that our calculations did not work as planned and we need to make two triangles at 7-3/8″ and four at 6-3/4″.

From the pictures below you will see the progress we have made earlier this week.  I’ll be posting picks of the finished quilt top as soon as it’s done (hopefully later today).

At our age, it’s great to have two brains working together and is so much faster as there are two of us working together… one pressing, one sewing.

Kokka Preview


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While at Quilt Market, we purchased several new designs from Kokka…  so new, in fact, that I can’t find any images of them online. These new prints should be shipped from Japan next month, and we hope to have them by January.  The only good thing about waiting so long for them to arrive is that it’s going to be like Christmas all over again when we open up the box, as I’m sure I will have forgotten some of what we ordered.  As you can see, we loved the animal prints… we included owls, cats, and elephants (which I somehow neglected to photograph) in our order.








As for kid’s fabric, we picked up several half-yard pieces from Nancy Wolff.  Nancy is an designer who has a written and illustrated a few kids books.  This is her first line for Kokka.  We will have them for sale at the quilt show this weekend.  Whatever we don’t sell at the show will go online early next week.

Tomorrow, we’re headed down to the World Quilt Show at Palm Beach County Convention Center.  It’s our first show as vendors, so we’re particularly excited and a bit nervous.  We set up our merchandise this weekend at my parents, and hopefully it goes as smoothly as it did  And if you will attending, do stop by and visit us!


Coming Soon: Echino


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Our big purchase from Quilt Market was lots and lots of lovely fabric from Japan.  We especially fell in love with the Echino collection, designed by Etsuko Furuya.

Made from a gorgeous cotton and linen blend, which makes it a perfect weight for bags, purses, and well as clothing.

I’m envisioning making this quilt out of the Echino for next spring’s quilt shows.


Houston, Re-hashed


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Here are the highlights from our first trip to Fall Quilt Market. My camera’s memory stick has gone missing, so I only had my phone to use for photos. My apologies for the grainy images.

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Favorite New Textile Designer: Marcia Derse. Alright, I confess… My mom knows her work, but she was new to me. Her fabrics are modern and colorful and beautiful, some with a batik-like flavor. She also had sewn up her fabrics from her new collection in a cool grid, each square separated by a strip of organza. Stunning.

Most Well-Represented Animal: Elephants! Who doesn’t love these intelligent creatures, with their complex, matrilineal social system? I’ve got a hunch that in 2012, they might go the way of the “Put a bird on it” trend. Elephants were everywhere, from Karavan to Kiyohara to Cloud9 (in their adorable Ed Emberley collection). And we fell for it, too… buying super-cool fabric (green and purple elephants, to be exact, with a white background) as well as this cute embroidery pattern from Penguin & Fish. Can’t find any pics of our elephant fabric, but it will be shipping from Japan in December and we should have it in stock by January.

Most Heartwarming Moment: Yes, Mom was giddy as a schoolgirl when meeting Valori Wells, who was ever so sweet. Love her! We enjoyed her Indian-inspired collection, coming this winter, which even includes some soft jersey material which she has made into a cute skirt pattern.

Cutest Kit EVER: SkipStone Creative had such an eye-catching booth (her logo? I adore it)! What I LOVE most is their Guinea Pig Tooth Fairy stuffie. Fingers crossed that it will be arriving just in time for our first show next week, and we’ll put it up on the site just as soon as we can.

Best Meal: Beef Pho from Huynh Restaurant. Living in coastal Florida, I miss all the delicious Asian foods we loved when living abroad and in Minneapolis. The pho was perfect for a blustery and chilly night, especially as I had neglected to check the weather forecast and didn’t think to pack a jacket, long pants, or even closed-toe shoes. Duh.

Only negative was that we had seats in the dreaded windowless row in the back of the plane on AirTran. For this reluctant flyer, it was almost too much. Yuck. AirTran did manage to redeem themselves (we flew stand-by on the way back, and we managed to make it home 9 hours earlier than if we had used the tickets I had booked, and without any additional charges).

Have a wonderful Halloween!

New Arrivals: Maman


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Introducing the latest line from Cloud 9 Fabrics… the lovely Maman.  Inspired by the illustrations of Anne-Marie Bossaert, the grandmother of Cloud 9’s co-owner, Maman has a vintage, European feel to it.  And, as with all Cloud 9 Fabrics, this is printed on organic cotton.  With a few friends expecting babies soon, these fabrics are going to sew up into some gorgeous gifts!

Mom and I are heading to Houston tomorrow for Quilt Market.  It’s our first trip there, and to say that we are excited is an understatement.  We can’t wait to see all the new lines for next year.

When we get back next week, we have several new arrivals to add to the Sundara Fabrics website, including funky Blue Q bags and of course, the Maman fabrics.

Have a fantastic weekend!

Diamond Mountain Quilt


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1001 Peeps by Lizzy HouseI just picked up our final quilt from the awesome ladies at the Sew and Quilt Shop, who yet again did a masterful (and affordable) job at quilting our top.  We still need to add binding, but once that’s completed, all of our “big” projects will be done for our first quilt show next month!

We used Lizzy House’s Diamond Mountain pattern from her book, 1001 Peeps: Five Magical Projects.  We love the 1001 Peeps fabric line, so we were excited to find this book on Lizzy’s blog.  This quilt itself was pretty challenging, but it has turned out to be a beautiful centerpiece for her fabrics.

Inspired by the stories from 1001 Arabian Nights, this fabric line is super-cute, and not just for kids, either!  I especially enjoy all the whimsical “peeps” – including genies and camels.  And the blender fabrics are sophisticated enough to be used on their own.1001 PeepsBasra Blue PeepsBasra Blue Royal City

Unfortunately, I discovered that my memory stick is missing when I tried to take pictures of the quilt with my “real” camera.  My iPhone will do in a pinch, but I’ll take better pics when the binding is done.

Enjoy your day!


Featured Products: Pintuck Shoulder Bag


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All the items needed to make this beautiful bag are this week’s featured products.  Designed by Miho Takeuchi, this Soleil Pintuck Shoulder Bag pattern sews up into one of my very favorite (and most complimented-on) bags.  Easy to cut out and sew, this purse can be created in an hour or less. Inazuma’s purse handles are a perfect compliment, or you could make your own.  I’m partial to Olympus’ Soleil fabrics for this project, but I think this would also look really cool in one of the fabrics from the Miscellany line.

In other news, I just bought our plane tickets to Houston for Quilt Market at the end of the month.  It’s the first time we’ve ever been to Market, and we are really looking forward to it, especially meeting with Cloud 9 Fabrics.  I just got some samples from their new Maman line.  So beautiful… especially if you love love retro-inspired prints!

And don’t forget, we are offering free ground shipping for US orders for the next couple of days!