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When my mom and I started Sundara Fabrics, our focus was on Indian textiles.  Indigo prints, ikats, kalamkari (beautiful hand-painted cotton), and hand blocked-prints for sewing are very difficult to find here in the States.  We realized that we were leaving out lots of amazing textile traditions from different parts of the world.  And every fabric-lover knows how hard it is to refuse a gorgeous piece of material to add to their stash. Hence, we decided to offer fabrics from Africa, too.

I fell hard for African wax prints.  Personally, I am drawn to modern and colorful prints, so I love their bold graphics.

African Wax Prints

Surprisingly these African fabrics are truly global in origin.  Many are produced in the Netherlands, for the West African market, using a technique developed over a century ago in Indonesia.  For more history, I suggest this interesting article.

Finally, some inspiration.  These images came from this fantastic Tumblr site, which is devoted to African fabric and fashion.