My weekend at my parents’ house was tres productive.  My mom spent and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on our computers.  We have all our products and photos up on the site. Now just waiting on a few things before it goes live.  My dad kept the kids entertained, and even took them to SPY KIDS 4.  Bless him, to sit through that!

Crazy busy week here, and it did not help that Derek has been gone on a work trip for 10 days.  Though travel has been a regular part of his job for the past 9 months, he has never been gone for longer than 4 or 5 days.  We really missed him.  I even let the kids stay up late last night so they could pick him up with me.

Derek and I are headed to Colorado later this morning.  For his 40th birthday in June, his brother bought us tickets to see Steely Dan at the Jazz Aspen Labor Day Festival.  We are long overdue for a visit – we haven’t been out there since S was starting kindergarten (yep, she just started fifth grade). And I can’t remember the last time Derek and I went to a concert together.  Can I mention how much I’m looking forward to cooler weather, too?

Wishing the kids were coming with us, but I know my family will keep them entertained.  R is probably envisioning playing video games every waking moment.  (Mom and Dad…. please… don’t let this happen). And S has plans of making doll clothes and a pillow case with my mom.

How are you going to spend the holiday weekend?