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While at Quilt Market, we purchased several new designs from Kokka…  so new, in fact, that I can’t find any images of them online. These new prints should be shipped from Japan next month, and we hope to have them by January.  The only good thing about waiting so long for them to arrive is that it’s going to be like Christmas all over again when we open up the box, as I’m sure I will have forgotten some of what we ordered.  As you can see, we loved the animal prints… we included owls, cats, and elephants (which I somehow neglected to photograph) in our order.








As for kid’s fabric, we picked up several half-yard pieces from Nancy Wolff.  Nancy is an designer who has a written and illustrated a few kids books.  This is her first line for Kokka.  We will have them for sale at the quilt show this weekend.  Whatever we don’t sell at the show will go online early next week.

Tomorrow, we’re headed down to the World Quilt Show at Palm Beach County Convention Center.  It’s our first show as vendors, so we’re particularly excited and a bit nervous.  We set up our merchandise this weekend at my parents, and hopefully it goes as smoothly as it did  And if you will attending, do stop by and visit us!