Straight from Delhi


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Paisley Block-Printed FabricOur long-awaited block-printed fabrics have arrived!  Picking these designs was a long and stress-inducing process, as my mom and I chose the blocks and the colors (and anyone who knows me can vouch for my indecisiveness).  So pleased to see how well they turned out!

It will be a few days before we get them up on the Sundara Fabrics website, as we have to photograph them, write descriptions, and all that fun stuff.

And once they are up, I promise to share with you the steps the amazing craftspeople used to create these!

Pineapple Jaal


Floral Kalamkari Fabric


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Kalamkari, a fun tongue-twister of a word, is a style of Indian fabric.  Persian for “pen” and “work,” kalamkari  have been in demand for centuries. Originating from the south-eastern coast of India, European merchants would purchase kalamkari (also known as chintz to the English) on their way to what is now Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Phillipines.  Spice traders in the islands of South East Asia preferred to exchange their wares for these fabrics.  Around this time, kalamkari was also exported to Persia where they gave the name for these painted fabrics.

Traditional kalamkari designs were first drawn on a cotton background, then colored with vegetable dyes.  Today, artisans block-print the material, then use the kalam to add detail. The hand-made nature of kalamkari guarantees that there are no two pieces exactly alike.

With a look that ranges from the exotic to traditional, I’ve been noticing kalamkari prints everyone.  Pottery Barn uses them in their home bedding and Sundance has a line of pricey quilts that lends itself to the style.

Our kalamkari can be found here.  Priced around $5.00 a half-yard, these warm-toned fabrics would make gorgeous accessories or clothing for this time of year.  Don’t forget that we are offering free ground shipping in the continental US until the 15th of October!

Info on kalamkari came from Indian Textiles, by John Gillow and Nicholas Barnard.


We have lots to celebrate!  Sundara Fabrics’ website is up and running! We’re offering free ground shipping (with a minimum order of $25) anywhere in the continental US until October 15.

My mom (and co-owner of Sundara Fabrics) retires this week.  We drove over for her retirement dinner on Tuesday night.  It was really fun to see her friends and co-workers, some of whom had taught my sister and I when we were small, for the first time in years. Change is always hard, and I know she’s leaving her job with mixed feelings. She’s always been full of energy and ideas, and Sundara Fabrics is a perfect compliment for her talents and background.

Cheers, Mom! I’m excited to be working with you on your next adventure!

Off to Aspen


My weekend at my parents’ house was tres productive.  My mom spent and I spent all day Saturday and Sunday working on our computers.  We have all our products and photos up on the site. Now just waiting on a few things before it goes live.  My dad kept the kids entertained, and even took them to SPY KIDS 4.  Bless him, to sit through that!

Crazy busy week here, and it did not help that Derek has been gone on a work trip for 10 days.  Though travel has been a regular part of his job for the past 9 months, he has never been gone for longer than 4 or 5 days.  We really missed him.  I even let the kids stay up late last night so they could pick him up with me.

Derek and I are headed to Colorado later this morning.  For his 40th birthday in June, his brother bought us tickets to see Steely Dan at the Jazz Aspen Labor Day Festival.  We are long overdue for a visit – we haven’t been out there since S was starting kindergarten (yep, she just started fifth grade). And I can’t remember the last time Derek and I went to a concert together.  Can I mention how much I’m looking forward to cooler weather, too?

Wishing the kids were coming with us, but I know my family will keep them entertained.  R is probably envisioning playing video games every waking moment.  (Mom and Dad…. please… don’t let this happen). And S has plans of making doll clothes and a pillow case with my mom.

How are you going to spend the holiday weekend?

Weekend Web Work



St Augustine Beach, after the storm

So grateful that the outer bands of Hurricane Irene brought a little rain, a little wind, and waves to the Florida coast. The kids and I were visiting my parents in Gainesville for Hurricane Frances in 2004 (we lived in Wisconsin then). Despite being miles inland, it was horrible.  I remember watching trees fall like matchsticks, losing power for days, and the septic tank overflowing in their yard. And with D in Seattle this weekend, I was really not looking forward to dealing with any sort of weather event on my own.

We’re heading to my parents this weekend to put the finishing touches on the website. If you’re on the East Coast, stay safe!

Ciao for now.


School Days


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Where did this summer go?  My sister left Saturday to take my nephew up to college in DC.  He spent his first night in the dorm, and she’s heading back home later today.  My own kids started school today… S in fifth grade (last year of elementary school!) and R in third.  Gah!

Our goal was to have our online storefront up and running today, but we still have a bit more tweaking to do.  As much as I wish the kids were here at home, I’m loving the quiet here, especially as I’m trying to get things done.  Fingers crossed, our site will be up by next Monday.

And as it’s back-to-school time, here are some patterns from Sundara Fabrics that would make fabulous bags for school.

How much do I adore this?  From Two Peas in a Pod Designs, the St Mary’s Backpack has an outside zipper and plenty of room to carry your supplies.  I love how depending on your fabric selection, it could be preppy or funky.St Mary's Backpack

Indygo Junction’s Hi-Tech Totes would make a great bag for a laptop. The pattern includes directions for a padded insert for added protection.Indygo Junction's Hi-Tech Tote

Last year, lots of girls from S’s grade used tote bags instead of backpacks. Large enough to carry books and folders, the Practical Bag by Grand Revival is a great size for school use. Grand Revival's Practical Bag

Hope y’all have an easy transition to school this week.  And if you are still on summer break, enjoy!

Goodbye Wisconsin, Hello Miami!


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It’s been a road-tripping kind of summer for us! Last week we drove up to Wisconsin for a quick visit with our friends. Roughly 2000 miles in our little car, with an air conditioner that kept on freezing up. Got home Friday, and left the next day to head down to Miami for my husband’s work trip. Kids were dropped off at his parents in Orlando for a week of golfing (Ro) and crafting (Syd).

New posts about our projects and fabrics will be up this week. I’m just enjoying being in beautiful Miami right now!


The I.M. Pei building from our balcony

Julia Rothman’s Miscellany Fabric


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Our shipment of Julia Rothman’s Miscellany fabric arrived yesterday!  It is just as beautiful as we had envisioned.

Julia Rothman's Miscellany

Julia Rothman's Miscellany

I’ve been a big fan of Julia’s work since I first saw her illustrations on the DesignSponge blog a few years back.  When I saw that Cloud9 Fabrics was going to come out with a fabric line based on her designs, I knew we had to carry it.  I love the elegant simplicity of these.  And as an added bonus, these 100 percent cotton prints are also organic, making them a great choice for quilting and clothing projects.





Endless Knot

Endless Knot

Now we just need to decide out what we are going to make out of this for our quilt show booth.  Any suggestions?